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Crazy time slot game

Crazy Time is basically a combination of a classic game program like Wheel of Fortune and a popular casino game like roulette. And it’s even more exciting because it’s a live game.

In fact, Crazy Time is a live online casino game like no other.

Crazy time game time you place your bet and spin the big wheel; You hope the reel will land on your number or, better yet, one of the bonus features where you can be rewarded with mega multipliers.

Crazy time has a lot going for it: four different bonus games as well as lively and sharply dressed servers and fun graphics all make for an enjoyable and one-of-a-kind experience.

The provider has clearly put everything into it, as it really amplifies the Crazy time interactive casino game. Using the latest technology, Crazy Time is one of the most entertaining games with the help of four live bonus games that activate every six spins, so a bonus is always at hand.

You could potentially win 25,000x your stake in the crazy time game. Either way, you’re in for uninterrupted fun, with all the action of the game. Now let’s take a closer look at the Crazy Time game.

What is crazy time

Crazy Time – More Than An Online Game This is a money wheel game demonstration with the popular cash hunt game reminiscent of the famous Wheel of Fortune game. The server spins a large wheel with 54 vertical segments.

The aim is to predict where the wheel will stop at the end of the spin. There is no computer algorithm in the crazy time game. There is also no Cheat in Crazy time game. Just a coincidence and luck!

Crazy Crazy time game – A Casino Classic. The game is loved by millions of players around the world and is included in the list of the most popular slots in various online casinos every year. It makes its customers happy by giving different bonuses.

game progress
game progress

The Time game also features a video slot game at the top where you can get certain bonuses. Crazy time is also played by the dealer, creating a unique atmosphere of a real casino.

The main difference between Crazy Time slot and similar games is that there are multiple bonus sections representing individual mini-games that reward the winner with big wins. Crazy time game also maintains its leadership as the 1st among casino games. Every game you have a chance to win increases considerably, so we wish you good luck!

How to play Crazy time

We would like to inform our users about how to play crazy time. In fact, our answer to the question of how to play the crazy time game is that the game is specially designed comfortably so that it provides an easy and fun crazy adventure for people who will become customers.

However, there are some crazy time rules that exist, and we would like to explain it in a way that will not bore you. If you wish, you can get detailed information about the main rules by searching crazy on youtube. Until then, let’s continue our article about the general crazy rules.

earnings in crazy time game
Earnings in Crazy time game
  • The whole wheel is divided into 8 crazy groups.
  • Some of these 8 groups are win multipliers (x1, x2, x5, x10), others are mini-games (money hunt, pachinko, coin flip, crazy).
  • Bets can be placed on a segment, all segments or some segments. In this case, the usage is strictly for each segment separately. Note that chapters with normal multipliers have even more bonuses like the ones below.
  • At the beginning of the game, the dealer takes the bets from the players and spins the wheel when the bets are made. At the same time, the big special video slot wheel will start spinning. This way you add random multipliers like numbers and bonus games to the chapters.
  • If, after the turn, the multiplier and the segment are aligned horizontally, the multiplier is considered. Otherwise, the tour continues with no bonuses. Do not let this happen too much in the game.

Is Crazytime reliable?

You can play the Crazy time game as you want on many betting sites. But the security of the site where you want to play games should be your priority. You should have an idea about which option you can deposit and withdraw your money with and you should decide accordingly.

We do not want to tire you out by writing for a long time, so you can get enough information by visiting our home page and we are sure that you will be convinced that the game is reliable. Crazy time this is one of the most winning and tactical games of recent times. In this article, we will give you information about game tactics.

earnings statistics
Earnings statistics

At the same time, because the crazy time game was designed by the Evolution Gaming company, it was fully licensed by the Evolution company. We know that the game is new and is loved by customers more than enough.

We know this because crazy game hasn’t received any negative comments online yet, considering that it hasn’t existed for a long time. Turn the wheel and continue to win by playing games and using tactics!

Crazy time features

Now we would like to give you information about how to play crazy time and crazy time bonus features. When it comes to the crazy time game, which is known as a wheel game, many differences come to mind first. We talk about these features on our Youtube channel from time to time, so we would like you to subscribe to our channel.

It has free spinsSometimes it doesn’t pay off
Gives good incomeIt takes a lot of your money
Wheel of Fortune gives excitementIt pulls people away
They have statsSometimes it is intermittent

This game is a virtual casino with live dealers. When a player bets on an episode, the server spins the wheel and whoever guesses the next episode wins. Different tactics can be used in the game. The big multipliers you can put on the wheel can multiply your total coin wins. Other betting features for crazy time online games include:

  • There is a chat area to communicate with other players and dealers.
  • Potential winnings can be higher among other games and slot machines. You can see this by following our social media platforms.
  • Bet on multipliers or mini games before each spin.
  • You can bet on all existing divisions to cover your bet.
  • The game is designed in a casino style that creates a special atmosphere.
  • It has a high RTP percentage. (96.8)

Crazy time mobile app

How to play Crazy time-mobile. Since there is a period when everyone can get a mobile phone, the online application is also available in the Crazy time game as an option. The mobile application that Evolution Gaming company obtained for the crazy time game surprised everyone because the number of downloads was quite high compared to other gambling games.

If you want to get a link for the mobile application, you can follow our social media accounts, and this option is quite different for you, because we share online on our accounts about many bonus tactics.

chat gang
chat gang

At the same time, we would like to inform you that our new mobile application is free. The reason we say this is because a lot of users come back saying that apps are paid, but the big company Evolution Gaming has created your app with their customers in mind, exactly as it is free and easy to access. We are very excited about your feedback. It’s up to you to get the bonus.

Crazy time game VPN

How to play Crazy time-VPN. Unfortunately, sometimes the major online gambling sites are banned from accessing the sites due to some existing restrictions. In this case, we never want to lose our users. We would like to tell you about a new tactic. You can download the VPN application to your mobile phone or to your computer if you want.

You should use this option the moment you can’t access it, because in this way your IP address will be changed online and you can still make profits by spinning the big wheel. If you want to learn more about the tactics of accessing the site, you can visit our online site and return.

Live betting site

Casino slot games are very popular nowadays. Because there is a difference from site to site, there are rules when accessing some sites, you must accept the rules of the site so that later on you will be considered suitable for video games, slot games, earning coins, and live pachinko.

When you access the sites you earn, the most important thing to you is that the casino betting site is legal and has the capacity to really give your money.

There are many games such as crazy time, casino games, coin flip, back spin, pachinko game from live betting sites.

Each site has its own rules, so you may need to pay attention to the rules of the games that are suitable for you online before you make a profit in each game.

Now that we’ve talked enough about taking care of your safety, we can now talk about the 12 games that casino lovers often play online.


One of the first games that comes to mind when it comes to casino is known as poker. Played by card game enthusiasts, poker is being carried to the digital world with betting sites. In this way, the excitement of the game is always available in bets. This is one of the favorite games of betting site players. Get bonus first, then enjoy playing poker!

in roulette

The game of roulette is also one of the favorite games of those who like to earn bonuses. In this betting game order, you can get continuous bonus winnings and you can earn up on the bonus earned!

Crazy time game deposits

Considering that you are betting on Crazy time crazy times, we offer various ways to deposit money and claim Crazy time bonus without any hassle. Crazy time players can complete the transactions by using any of these options within the specified minimum and maximum limits and can bet or invest as much as they want in the casino.

Each deposit method has its own rules and restrictions. With this in mind, betting sites may need to find this method at their current login address to take a closer look at how they are investing.


One of the most preferred deposit methods by our customers is depositing with MEFETE. Using this method, you can deposit money for the crazy time game at any time. Coin flip bonus is waiting for you with your deposit!

Instant Transfer

Instant Transfer is a very effective method. Additionally, this method is different from other transfer methods and offers a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 30,000 on your first deposit.


If you want to deposit money for the Crazy time game with the VipTransfer method, you must first deposit a minimum.

Crazy time game withdrawal methods

These transactions, also known as Crazy time game withdrawal methods, allow you to withdraw money easily, comfortably and very quickly, and you can get the money back in your account in this way. With this popular bookmaker Evolution Gamin, established within the framework of international regulations, a number of documents can be requested for withdrawals.

coin wallet

You can pay for the Crazy time game with the Jeton wallet method. To play the game, you need to deposit a minimum. This process can take up to a day, so your account will be credited within 24 hours. (Maximum amount is 10,000) Don’t forget to take advantage of the Crazy time bonus!

ATM card

You can use ATM cards, which is one of the most natural methods, by paying for the crazy time game.


Papara is one of the most well-known deposit methods among casino games. You can even get a bonus on your first investment. The first investment with Crazy Time Papa is defined as 20.

Crazy time game tactics

We would like to share with you the strategy and tactics of the exciting online betting game Crazy Time. Crazy Time online bonus casino is more than just a game. Winning here is real! If you play right, you can earn a lot of money according to a certain algorithm.

Crazy time will be a positive game in all aspects, because in the much loved Crazy Time episode you will win even more on high stakes and win it all. At the same time, we offer our views on the strategy and tactics of Crazy Time game to avoid emotional and wrong situations.

free spins
free spins

Crazy Time means you can bet and win money when you use tactics. How can you better manage your revenue opportunities? You can enjoy Crazy Time online slots and win real money. It also has several cash hunt strategy and tactical options.

But first decide how you will win and choose what works best for you. It is worth mentioning from the beginning that it is much more profitable to place multiple crazy time bonus bets in order to maximize profits and reduce risk when playing Crazy Time online casino.

game time strategy risk

The strategy risk tactic is an option for those who don’t want to get too excited and risk their business. The aim of this tactic is to increase your money in small steps and gradually. Crazy time bonus time you won’t have a chance to win a lot of money in a short time, but you will increase your earnings gradually. You also have the chance to break the minimum bet in 2 out of 3 matches.

Then, including the split online multiplier kicks in and spins on the highest scoreboard. In this way, you will get a lot of wins, which will increase your game score. If you divide £35 by 2, you’ll see that the quotient multiplier is 7 times and already 14 times.

Crazy Time Casino gives you the possibility of earning more money into your gaming account with regular x2 bets. Yes, you will have to play longer and carefully, but in the end you will enjoy playing Crazy Time with a deposit match and minimal risk.

coin flip

Coin Flip Crazy Time is the easiest of the bonus games. The blue side and red side multipliers are displayed on the screen. A coin is then tossed and multiplied by the multiplier on which side it lands. If the multiplier is low, the dealer can flip a coin and win a multiplier of up to 5000x.


In one of the Crazy Time bonus games, Pachinko drops a disc from above and multiplies his bet by the multiplier. In Pachinko game, you can see a double option at the bottom. When the disc enters this section, all the multipliers are doubled and the disc is dropped again from above. Earn after gain with Pachinko!

Probability calculation

This tactical time requires calculating the odds for the last 60 or so games. Given the opportunity to track, we can calculate probabilities over longer time frames. Open your game history at Crazy Time casino and access your latest 60 games.

You have to be very patient when using this exciting tactic. For example, we looked at a 60-hand game history and calculated that bonus games were played with an average of 6-7 hands. Then wait until the 4-5 hand bonus game disappears. After these 4-5 games you can bet on the bonus game.

cash hunt

What is a cash hunt? Cash hunt explanation means that in the bonus game you enter a window with 108 different multipliers. The multipliers appear on the screen and the multipliers with symbols turn off and clutter the screen.

After the symbols are mixed, you are expected to make a choice. Your bet is multiplied by the multiplier under the selected symbol. You have a chance to win up to x2500 in this exciting timed bonus game.

Reviews about the slot game

Crazy time game is fully licensed by Evolution Gaming company as we mentioned before. Therefore, our customers feel comfortable and safe when betting on the crazy time game. Negative reviews for the crazy time game are public and make up a small percentage of reviews, which is very rare for crazy time punters.

At the same time, even if a dispute arises due to the customer’s irresponsibility during the crazy time game, our customer service representatives will do their best to resolve such issues. At a game time like crazy time, customers can earn bonuses, place bets, and have fun with crazy time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crazy time rates low?

Crazy time rates are quite high so that you can add to your game time earnings by earning bonuses, coin flips and pachinko bonuses.

Is crazy time legal?

It was created by a trusted company like Crazy time Evolution Gaming, so it is described as a perfectly legal and reliable game.

Can those who have never played Crazy time play?

Certainly. Crazy time is a casual game, it just has its own rules. If you want to get an answer to the question of how to play a Crazy time, you can visit our online game site.

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